Calypso Brephi Caftan

I think this is the fourth time I wore this caftan on the blog.

calypso brephi caftan

I had my eye on this caftan for over a year before buying it. When I met it, it was over $800, and admittedly too steep for my budget. I watched it go on sale, picked up other similar caftans that reached my markdown threshold, and noticed that it suddenly disappeared from the site.

This happens all too frequently to me, waiting too long to buy an item, and consequently having passer’s remorse. When I miss out on an item, I repeatedly check back on the site, hoping that there has been a return in my size. (I shop online 90 percent of the time. What can I say? The online stores have the tall sizes.) Nine times out of ten, this strategy is successful and I end up purchasing the item at a very competitive price. However this time, when the caftan turned up on the site, it was marked up since the last time I saw it. Rather than buy it on the site, I bought it NWT through an eBay vendor at half of the original store’s current markdown price.

I was thrilled when it was finally delivered. The beaded and sequined silk is beyond beautiful. I received compliments galore when I wore it this past weekend. Also, tall ladies, take note that this is the perfect length. The size small fit perfectly; I cannot imagine anyone shorter than 5’11” not needing to hem it. I look forward to wearing it over a swimsuit this summer, but for now, I will be wearing over a black slip and accessorizing with a glass of rose.

mignon faget ribbon jewelry

Pearls have always been a staple in my jewelry box. Not only the standard sixteen inch strand but also less conventional, iconoclastic versions. I already have the Mignon Faget Tulip Pearl Necklace and the Knotted Pearl Necklace, and matching earrings and bracelets and rings, but I have had my eye on something bolder.

I bought the Banner Ring back in 2011. I did not purchase any matching pieces because at the time it was standalone within the Knots and Bows collection. I do not think it was until 2017 that the matching bracelet was issued and the necklace was available shortly thereafter, or at least that is when they landed on my radar. I always had my eye on that coordinating Twist Bow Bracelet and Twist Bow Earrings and Mignon Faget gifted both to me for a campaign. Eventually, I treated myself to the necklace after I wrapped an especially demanding deadline.

caftan: Calypso (also here) • slip: Free People • sunglasses: Krewe • necklace: Mignon Faget • bracelet: Mignon Faget • earrings: Mignon Faget • ring: Mignon Faget • sandals: Jack Rogers • watch: Cartier

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