Year of Less (281/365)

Last week I wore my short Ugg boots to the embassy. Their previous use was exclusively as house shoes and worn as such nearly every day since they arrived from ShopBop. (Fun fact: House shoes are the intended use of the Australian-based brand, as I was repeatedly told by a friend who had {sigh} recently returned from a study abroad down unda.) The idea of wearing outdoor shoes inside grosses me out, so the short Uggs are now officially outside shoes.

As we are going into another cold KZ winter, I ordered a pair of Wicked Good slippers. (The radiant floors in our flat areā€¦hit or miss.) Because I am not a total monster, I did not just order a pair for myself; I ordered a pair for my husband and the Pamper Pirate as well. I have been through two pairs of these. It is not that the quality is not top notch. Each of the previous pairs got such wear and (TMI?) they ended up so smelly from my feet that I retired them as instigated by impending moves.

I resisted buying all of the La Vie Style House caftans via the Saks Fifth Avenue Friends and Family sale. Full candor: Had the one that I have had my eye on for weeks not been sold out, I probably would have caved in and made the purchase. Today is the last day for the sale, so if you are hoping to score a caftan at 25 percent off, now is your moment.

The socks I ordered for the Pamper Pirate and the undershirt I ordered for my husband arrived. The (not so) little socks though! I doubted that they would fit; I thought they would be too big. Alas our little guy’s feet won’t stop growing!

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