Year of Less (309/365)

I went on a purchase bender this week. Frankly, this was not a proud moment in my year of less.

Smythe is one of my favorite brands. I purchased a houndstooth tweed purple coat, one hundred percent wool, from the brand. I found one of the Smythe equestrian blazers, also I have been obsessed with on sale for nearly fifty percent off which inexplicably went back to the regular price. A bargain I caught!

The pleated skirt from Banana Republic is half off with an additional twenty percent off. This decreased the price of the two hundred dollar kilt from the now-marked down athletic line, to eighty dollars. Again, another one hundred percent wool product.

With the cancellation of my Keith Haring tee order from Gap (see below), I ordered two Keith Haring knit pieces from the Abercrombie & Fitch collection. Those of us who wore the brand circa 2001, who would have thought the evolution would bring us here? I did not see this coming. (I don’t hate it!)

I bought a pair of straight leg denim from Mavi; the brand is selling out of their 36 inch inseam length across all styles and I wanted to jump at trying a pair while I had the chance.

A set of Rowing Blazers pajamas I have had my eye on for over a year were marked down via the Archive Sale.

I used Elsa’s 25 percent off code to purchase a Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill fleece, as I received intel from the brand that this is the recommended style for those tallest amongst us. I am looking forward to wearing the fleece out in the snow, likely with boots and my North Fleece snow pants this winter. Right now all markdowns at an extra 25 percent off, however it is a final sale situation.

I also placed a massive order at J.Crew for two tweed suits and what I hope will be a coordinating set of neon citrus lace pencil skirt and cashmere sweater for myself and several fair isle sweaters for the husband and the Pamper Pirate. I do not anticipate keeping them all, as I ordered several sizes in the tweed suiting separates in both colorways. I am not expecting my husband to love all of the sweaters I ordered him; in lieu of gifting them, I would rather give him options IRL and send back what does not work. We will keep the coordinating sweater(s) for the Pamper Pirate.

For some reason or another, my Gap order consisting of the Keith Haring tee, Halloween Peanuts knit, and camel merino turtleneck was inexplicably returned to Gap. I reordered the Haring tee and am opting to wait for post Halloween for the Peanuts knit and when we return stateside for the turtleneck sweater.

Regrettably, I am returning the rust orange wide wale Banana Republic Factory Store corduroys. They seem to be completely sold out in both colors in the most waist sizes in the tall size range. Hopefully BRFS takes this feedback in their merchandise size planning next year, cause I could really go for a long length pair of cords.

I am returning the 7 For All mankind Dojo denim from Nordstrom. Way too big in the waist. I will continue to attempt to purchase a size or two smaller, but past four attempts to do so have resulted in cancelled transactions. Disappointing, though fifth was the charm. I let out an audible whoop when I saw the size 30 was shipped.

Our family’s Petite Plume holiday pajamas arrived, as did the gingham set I bought myself to match the Pamper Pirate. Rounding out the ensembles, our family’s L.L.Bean Wicked Good Slippers finally landed at the embassy mail room as well. They do feel wicked good, as named and claimed.

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