2022 Family Holiday Pajamas

Every year we pick out a new set of holiday pajamas for the family. This year I asked my husband to pick out three prints for me from which I made a final selection.

the Petite Plume antler pajamas

The 2022 holiday selection is the Petite Plume antler print with our shortened last name in script. I like the print because it can be worn all winter long, rather than feeling restricted to holiday only.

As always, I ordered a size extra large in the long sleeve + pant set. The material is one hundred percent (preshrunk for the most part) cotton. I like being able to throw the set into the dryer, low setting, without fear of shrinking too small. Bear in mind that I prefer to wear my pajamas oversized. I also knew the pants would be too short for me so I am leaning into wearing them as a cropped style.

My husband is wearing a men’s large.

to exercise the monogram option or not

Generally, I avoid monogramming any items from any brand that I am unfamiliar with, as committing to a monogram makes items final sale.

I avoid monogramming the Pamper Pirate’s name on any articles of clothing. The reason for this is twofold. First, we are pretty private when it comes to our child. However, I find our shortened last name to be perfect. Second, sometimes a monogram makes hand me downs a little awkward to hand down. I think a monogram is a conversation starter whether is belongs to the person wearing it or not.

Petite Plume monogramming is fifteen dollars per item. Steep, but when you are already buying bougie pajamas….{shrug}

my pajamas: Petite Plume • his pajamas: Petite Plume • Pamper Pirate pajamas: Petite Plume

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