Smythe Nordic Sweater

Smythe, not just a brand for a kickass blazer.

the Smythe nordic sweater

At the end of 2021, I scored the handknit oversized nordic sweater in pacific blue from Revolve. It was one of the only times I have ever been able to shop at the etailer, the last time being for a pair of golden yellow Dauphine sunglasses from Krewe. That is to illustrate that while many of the brands Revolve stocks produce sizes going up to a size 16 (Smythe, for example), the etailer does not carry the entire numbered size range. Revolve often stops at a size ten. So rude. I can forget finding a Smythe blazer in my size at Revolve; it’s fine, I am certain Nordstrom and ShopBop are more than happy to take my money.

Because Revolve does stock small, medium, and large sizes, I was able to snag this sweater in a size that fit. Large, if you must know.

the Banana Republic denim

These jeans have an extra long inseam, perfect for the gal topping six feet! I am 6’2” tall and I wore an ankle boot with a three inch tall heel with these jeans. Notice that the denim nearly grazes the ground. Barefoot, the hem pools on the floor; a heel is necessary to keep the hem intact. Fit wise, they are true to size. If anything, go down a size as they are quite soft and stretchy. Some context: last year when I was twenty pounds heavier, they still fit!

I believe the exact denim are out of stock, but I found the next generation style. 37” inseam anyone? Like last year’s version, this year’s style comes in three washes in extra long length, as well as a bonus fabric with a 36” inseam in both oyster and coconut brown velvet. Delicious!

sweater: Smythe • denim: Banana Republic • ankle boots: Brooks Brothers • sunglasses: Ray Ban • bracelets: Roxanne Assouline • earrings: Brooks Brothers • rings: J.Crew • watch: Cartier (also here)

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