2021 Family Holiday PJs Revisited

My husband surprised me with a set of family holiday pajamas last year. He is not one to get excited over 1) pajamas or 2) family matching, so this was quite a gift in and of itself.

the Petite Plume imperial plaid pajamas

The husband selected the Petite Plume Imperial Plaid pajamas, which were re-released this year as part of the holiday collection. I would be lying if I said that I did not pull them out in August as soon as there was an autumnal nip in the Central Asia steppe air. I did so to check whether or not they were going to fit.

Allow me to explain. My husband ordered a large in the Imperial Plaid Nightgown. Unfortunately, it was not the best fit across my back, shoulders, and arms. This was only exacerbated by the non-stretch woven cotton fabric. Since last holiday, I have lost over 25 pounds. While I was paranoid that I was bulking up that area, I found it was not the case and the nightgown fits much better. Full candor: Since then, I have adopted purchasing my Petite Plume orders in extra large.

Conversely, I wanted to check whether the Pamper Pirate would require a larger size in his pajamas. We test drove them for a night during that first hint of fall in August. I noted that unless he goes through a growth spurt, he should be able to wear the same set as last year as those were a bit large on him then.

my pajamas: Petite Plume • his pajamas: Petite Plume • Pamper Pirate’s pajamas: Petite Plume

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