Training for 13.1 (1)

This past week was the first official week of training for the half marathon in April. I always look forward to an hour of peace and quiet, even if I am struggling on a treadmill during that time. Coordinating training runs with the Pamper Pirate’s toddler soccer class schedule (cross training!) and our nanny’s schedule is proving to be the most challenging part.

The training plan I am following is a twenty week format, which allows the runner to slow build distance. While I do not think I am necessarily a beginner, I am starting over on the treadmill. Though I have trained on it for half marathons during wintertime, I struggle with the machine.

Aside from being able to start from scratch, I like that the training runs are distance-based rather than time-based. In addition to the three weekly runs, I am including at home strength training with the Bala equipment.

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