Fewer + Better (23/365)

I ordered a Bea Bongiasca ring from FWRD, completing the matching earrings for a set, after my sixth sense picked up the vibe that it was on sale. My spidey sense was correct! And, another ten percent off the sale price after signing up for the FRWD mailing list.

I caved and I purchased two pairs of loafers from the Stubbs & Wootton sale. I have been spying the Fox Portrait and the Wildlife loafers since they were released last fall. Hot tip: while you cannot use any influencer coupon codes on sale items, I found that if you register for the newsletter, Stubbs & Wootton will send a confirmation email with a ten percent off code that you can use on sale merchandise. Boom. Two pairs of Stubbs & Wootton loafers for under 400 dollars. Even cheaper.

And better.

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