Training for 13.1 (7)

Last week, I started to consider how to harness food for fueling my runs. I try to leave everything on the treadmill when I run so if there is any way I can make the mileage easier or maximize my output, I will try it. But before getting into food, I retired from drinking alcohol on the weekdays. No need for a gin martini every night.

I am not a doctor. This should not be considered medical advice.

Since I run in the mornings, dinner is the last meal I eat prior to hitting the miles. I try not to eat anything for dinner that I can picture grossly sloshing around my stomach as I am moving it on the treadmill. It is not scientific, but it keeps me away from inhaling a bowl of Thai shrimp. Though spicy and delicious, inevitably my favorite winter dish does not make me feel great the next morning.

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