Training for 13.1 (6)

Something I noticed over the past few weeks is the discrepancy between the distance that the treadmill believes I ran versus the distance that the Nike app says I ran. Usually the app maintains that my pace is slower (thirteen minute mile, really?) than what I set on the treadmill. Because I want to be certain that I am not cheating myself out of a training run, I always defer to the more conservative measurement.

This tends to happen on speed runs. For example, when I alternate increasing pace and incline by one click increments every minute on the minute, the Nike app does not seem to register the pace increase. Also when I am running an actual guided run from the Nike app, the tracking loses my interval, fartlek, and tempo run efforts. I pushed my pace to an all time treadmill high two weeks ago on the Treadhills guided run. You wouldn’t know that just by looking at the results on the app, because again, a thirteen minute mile.

Does anyone know if you can calibrate the Nike app or the tied tracking in one’s phone?

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