Fewer + Better (44/365)

We are still in our temporary corporate rental and in protest to accepting this as where we will actually be staying for the entire four month house hunting period, I have been especially discerning when it comes to ordering anything that takes up a large bit of space.

I indulged in three of the rings released by J.Crew from maximalist manicurist Mei Kawajiri. Some of them remind me of those from Bea Bongiasca, albeit with a much lower price point. Easy to stash away in my travel jewelry cube while we are in our temporary home.

I Gooped myself and ordered this black and white graphic print G. Label by Goop dress. It is a pricey piece, but hear me out. First, I signed up for text messages and saved ten percent. Second, it was restocked in my size. Third, and most importantly, this dress and more specifically the print, tapped into a feeling of nostalgia. The spring semester of my senior year in high school, I purchased two items from Gap or Gap Outlet (pre- 2020s rebrand from Gap Outlet to Gap Factory, did anyone else notice that change besides me?), each of which featured a black and white graphic print akin to this dress. I wore the ever-living-eff out of the slim fit, side-zip closure, cotton with a hint of stretch capri pants. Capri pants mind you, not cropped pants. I wore them with a black sleeveless front ruched shirt purchased at Banana Republic Factory Store #6295. The second piece was a black and white print skirt embellished with tiny black seed beads throughout the print. While it was a short skirt, I would not call it a mini as I could get away with wearing it to school. This skirt was best paired with a black twinset. I even still have the skirt! It is in storage (ahem my archives) somewhere, though at a size six, just getting it zipped up again is a pipe dream.

Given the impressions that both of these pieces had upon me, it is no surprise that I was so moved to order the G. Label frock despite being priced at least 1400 percent more than what I paid for my original pieces. At that price point, this dress is certainly not an everyday purchase, but one which will indulge best feelings of the time.

Several parcels from my stockpile arrived, as did a suitcase filled with lightweight wool shift dresses that I wear to the office.

  • I adore the asymmetrical Banana Republic silk shirt from the holiday rollout. The style is a call back to the going out shirts of the early aughts, but rather than wearing it with a pair of 7 for All Mankind bootcut denim, I am going to wear them either with wide leg trousers or wide leg corduroys.
  • The Hill House pajamas pant run short. In the words of everyone’s favorite dinner party-going trainwreck medium, know that. I was not expecting the pants to run long, and as such I am embracing the cropped length. The pajamas for the Pamper Pirate are adorable. I love being able to match my son in pattern, even if we are wearing different colors.
  • Did you know that Apple TV is releasing new episodes of Peanuts, titled The Snoopy Show? Either iteration is the Pamper Pirate’s favorite cartoon and as such, I always pick up any little wardrobe addition featuring anyone from the gang but especially Snoopy.
  • I ordered a smaller size in the 36 inch inseam Mavi Kendra denim. I like my size 31 pair, but I could feel them getting looser as I continued half marathon training. Unfortunately, the size 30 pair do not feel as long as my 31, which are also en route stateside from our old home. I look forward to comparing the lengths of both pairs once they arrive.
  • The rigid Banana Republic bootcut denim run small and as the name of the product indicates, they have no stretch and no give. At this moment, I cannot get them buttoned but I am not ruling them out. The length, by the way, is fantastic. A solid 36 inch inseam.
  • I have not tried on any of the stockings, but the quality seems impressive.
  • I did not include photos of them, but I also received two dresses. I was not impressed with this sheath dress. I ordered a size tall ten and it was tight throughout the body. I was impressed with this dress, which while ever-so-slightly flimsy and polyester (and you can tell it is a synthetic), the cut is rather fantastic. I wish i had it last week for when I went to the ballet.

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