Training for 13.1 (11)

Having fallen eight runs behind on half marathon training during my second cold of 2023, I still have a ton of make up training to do. Unfortunately, my knees needed a break after my last long run – at this point at the seven mile distance – on the treadmill. Running every other day as originally planned will not be an option.

My answer are two-a-days. I shifted my short training runs – at this point at the four mile distance – to either the elliptical or stationary bicycle, where I use a variety of the programmed workout and max out the 65 minute limit. This is supplemented by a Barry’s Class, the first one offered in the day, where I run two eight-to-fifteen minute treadmill speed and / or incline sessions. This way, I still get a challenging speed and / or incline exercise as well as strength training, and I get cardio and distance training that is easy on my knees. So far, I have only done this thrice but I am really enjoying the one hour of me time in the Red Room, even if it means getting out of bed at 5:40 am.

I am not a doctor. This should not be considered medical advice.

I will be playing training catch up into week twelve. Circled mileage was completed in the evening on the elliptical of a two-a-day, supplemented by a morning Barry’s class.

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