Dry Skin Therapy

As our time in Astana (formerly known as Nursultan) is coming to an end, I feel confident that I have mastered skin care in a dry climate.

“Come on, Lu”, you are probably thinking to yourself. “How dry of a climate can it really be?” you are mentally inquiring.

As I shared in a TMI moment over a remote call to a set of DC-based coworkers, it is so dry here that if you do not pound water before going to sleep, your body is going to wake up feeling hungover. Conversely, pounding that water will cause your bladder to wake you up several times a night. It is like I am preggers again.

I likely would not have bothered with skin care if not for wanting to take care of the Pamper Pirate and his baby-to-toddler soft and delicate skin. Not to mention helping my husband source skin care to keep his face, hands, and body from chapping.

The following recommendations are long term tried (over two years) on the Central Asia steppe.

body moisturizer recommendations

I have three recommendations for full body moisturizers: one with an SPF for summer, a heavier weight scented one, and an all around workhorse, perfect for his and her sharing.

First the SPF option is the Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer. If it is good enough for use on my face, it is good enough for use everywhere else. It even works for post-shower shaven legs.

On days when I will be wearing pants or more generally know that I will not be leaving the house in shorts, skirt, or a dress, I use Lollia Body Butter. It is a richer, thicker lotion. I have been through pots and pots of it while abroad; at least one per month. Truth be told, I have used this product since discovering the Lollia candle line from an upscale boutique circa 2008.

Lastly, if I run out of Lollia or I want to use something unscented, I opt for the First Aid Ultra Repair Cream. I ordered several tubes of this during a Sephora sale earlier this year and between my husband and I, we are pacing through one a month.

facial moisturizer recommendations for him

My husband applies the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel every morning. It is a man-specific energizing moisture treatment, sans SPF, unfortunately. (For the days when SPF is needed aka everyday, layer with the aforementioned Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer.)

moisturizer recommendations for little ones

The Erbaviva Baby Lotion is part of the Pamper Pirates nightly routine, along with the Shampoo and Body Wash from the babies’ line. The lotion keeps dry spots at bay and the Pamper Pirate really enjoys the spa-like treatment.

hand lotion recommendation

Note that the above is recommendation, singular. That is because there is one cure-all to rough skin on the hands and that is hands down, the Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. A dollop on the back of each hand and rub them together before bed and bam – wake up with new hands.

skin routine recommendation

My skin care routine is more involved than my husband’s. I stand by the Sunday Riley daytime and nighttime routines. Specific to protecting my skin from the dry air, I recommend the lineup of face oils and the Ice Night Cream.

lip balm recommendations

These are the lip balms I have stashed throughout the bathrooms of the flat, my home office, the Pamper Pirate’s stroller, and our vehicle.

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