Review: Patchology Poshpeel

Now is the time of year when bloggers start dropping copious cookies from Nordstrom in efforts to hit commission pay gold. Along with Barefoot Dreams Blanket, Nest Candles, Fresh Soy Face Wash, and apparently the entire autumn Free People line that readers just “have to have”, a slew of promotionally priced beauty and grooming products are recommended by influencers.

will I buy more Patchology Poshpeel?

I found the first few rounds of Patchology Poshpeel to be effective. I seem to loose less dead skin with every additional round of the product. Perhaps that just means that Patchology Poshpeel works and I have less dead skin to lose. Even though my experiences have diminishing returns, I might buy more Patchology Poshpeel. Because we have four boxes left for my husband and I to share, I will not be making the purchase before we return stateside.

Following directions and hitting the entire time in the booties seems to be a crucial step of the process. Via reading online reviews from other bloggers, I think the effectiveness is a universal struggle with Patchology Poshpeel. Again, I get the sense that we are using it too often that we no longer have skin to molt?

But when it works? Oh it is so satisfying to see the skin slough from my soles. I highly recommend wearing socks through the shedding process, and you may as well prime your vacuum cleaner.

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