Training for 13.1 (22)

Shortly after last week’s entry, the twenty-first Training for 13.1 went live, I embarked on the half marathon I have been training for the last five months. For the past week and a half, the weather forecast called for rain.

The weather forecast called correct. That morning I awoke to thunder, which died off and left a sprinkling of rain. One thousand meters into the run and the downpour hit for the remainder of the race. It was miserable. Nevertheless I pushed through and finished the run. But never again.

I am glad that I packed my ball cap as it kept rain off my face and from messing with my contact lens situation. Even though it was in the high fifties, I wish I had packed and worn shorts and Megababe Thigh Rescue rather than running tights, which had soaked through. I had to knot up both of my shirts, which were also soaked through and hanging low. My sneakers were waterlogged and took a solid two days to dry out. I wish I had at least fashioned a poncho out of a plastic bag; with a plastic bag worn over my kit, I would have stayed dryer and had been more comfortable.

I celebrated by actually keeping my reservation for a ninety minute massage and facial the following day at Rescue Spa. Even with the massage, I was struggling for the rest of the week. Even though I had ran over thirteen miles on Sunday, I still engaged in exercise for the remainder of the week, as I find movement helps relieve soreness.

And yes, I restarted every Nike Run Club guided run from the beginning. This week: the one minute guided run. Even though I put the pedal to the metal, it actually felt amazing.

Icy Hot is life.

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