Petite Plume Gingham Pajamas

When the Pamper Pirate was a wee little lad, I bought him the Petite Plume pale blue gingham summer romper. While it is a splurge item as most Petite Plume items are, I ordered it during the bleak days of the pandemic when everything at J.Crew went on sale for next to nothing. That romper saw a lot of play time that summer and since then has gone on to outfit our newborn nephew, the Pamper Pirate’s cousin.

That print triggers nostalgia for when the Pamper Pirate was an infant. The nostalgia was so strong that I ordered the Pamper Pirate pajamas in the colorway and then, I ordered a matching set for myself.

the Petite Plume gingham pajamas

While neither the Petite Plume boy’s pajamas nor Petite Plume women’s pajamas are on sale, I applied the 10% off WELCOME1 to the order, minorly defraying the cost. Along with the holiday pajamas, these are the only Petite Plume styles I have purchased for full price. An indulgence for sure.

Like the Petite Plume pin dot pajamas, this style is a long sleeve. I knew I would need a size extra large. It would allow for more length in the sleeves, as well as across the shoulders. My husband surprised me with a Petite Plume plaid pajama set for the family last year. My nightgown was a large and it felt tight across the shoulders. Given I have lost over 25 pounds since last holiday, I have also toned my arms, shoulders, and back. Full candor, I am paranoid of those areas bulking up. Consequently, I went with a larger size just to be safe as the monogram makes my order unreturnable. The drawstring waist allows for a customizable fit for the shorts.

As long as the Pamper Pirate allows me to, I will continue to match our pajamas.

my pajamas: Petite Plume • Pamper Pirate’s pajamas: Petite Plume • necklace: Maya Brenner via BaubleBar • French press: Le Creuset

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