Where We Stay in DC

Our return stateside will deposited us back to the District by way of IAD, the same airport where we departed for Kazakhstan over two years ago, and arrived and departed for our stateside sojourn last spring. There is only one place we consider staying in the District and it is just a super low key place.

We stay at the West End Hilton Garden Inn. It is relatively new construction, having been built circa 2016, just in time for us to arrange for a block of rooms for our wedding. Prior to confirming the block though, my then fiancé (now husband and baby daddy) and I stayed at the West End Hilton Garden Inn to assure that the product was sufficient.

It was.

One of my favorite parts of this specific Hilton Garden Inn is the location. The location is so good that when my husband and I (and unknowingly the Pamper Pirate) moved back to the District, we selected a flat in a building two blocks away from the West End Hilton Garden Inn.

The location is close to Georgetown (and even is {mistakenly} branded as the Georgetown Hilton Garden Inn) and GWU. The nearest Metro stops are Dupont Circle on the red line and Foggy Bottom / GWU on the orange line. In the same neighborhood as GWU is a Whole Foods and even closer is the West End Trader Joe’s.

There are copious restaurants within walking distance: West End Rasika and Ris being the closest sit down options, each within two blocks. There are two 24 hour drug stores and Starbucks each in either direction, as well as other purveyors of caffeine.

Even closer is Chef Geoff’s, the in-house restaurant on the first floor and the Pamper Pirate’s favorite breakfast joint. Perfect for a short stack of pancakes. Or for picking up a happy hour beverage on the way up to your temporary home.

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