Fewer + Better (163/365)

I bought a Keith Haring graphic print sweatshirt from Gap and a red long torso swimsuit from Andie.

And they were both winners!

Obviously, as I ordered the sweatshirt in an XXL tall, it wasn’t not going to fit in the oversized style I had hoped. I get that we are going into a hot, hot summer and until temps cool off in several months, I will be wearing this exclusively the central air conditioned indoors and that’s fine.

I need to discuss the Andie Tulum swimsuit. The long torso fit is truly A plus. It works for the tall girl frame, especially for those who carry height in the torso. This particular cross back style is a saucier version of a racerback Speedo suit; the straps don’t risk slipping off the shoulder. The red hue is giving Baywatch in the best way possible. No seriously, my husband even referenced the iconic uniform.

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