Training for 2024 (5)

I just finished class eight of the twenty for the United We Sprint Challenge. Until I cross the finish line for the challenge, my workouts will be exclusively Barry’s classes.

I admit, I have gotten comfortable on the double floor starting position. For that reason, I am pushing myself to commit to a tread starting position, but only on days where I am not taking the first-butt-crack-of-dawn 6:10 am class of the day. My legs require some movement before they can settle in for some pushes / spicy runs / sprints. The 8:30 am classes are perfect for this because it give me time to wake up the body by putting a mile or so on my legs. Add pushing a stroller to that and I am warmed up. I also think I will eventually begin picking a tread starting position for the days when my schedule (ahem, my husband’s schedule) necessitates that I take a late class.

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