Hill House Home Pajama Review

While I am standing firm on my No Nap Dress for Mommy stance (I feel you, Jessica Blankenship), I indulged in Hill House Home coordinating pajamas for the Pamper Pirate and me. I know he will not always allow me to match him, and let’s be honest, allowing (or forcing?) your son (or daughter!) to match you will almost certainly land your offspring in therapy for mommy issues.

Rather than choosing one colorway for both of us, I ordered blue for the Pamper Pirate and pink for myself. Both are in the Sherwood Forrest print.

the hill house home tiny pj set

We allow the Pamper Pirate to select his own pajamas (and socks) and he frequently reaches for the Hill House Home set. We recently retired several pajamas he outgrew and as such ordered replacements. Since Pamper Pirate adores the Hill House Home set so much, I ordered another colorway.

The Hill House Home Tiny PJ set fits the Pamper Pirate perfectly. The pajamas come in a set and I found both pieces in the Pamper Pirate’s size to work, which does not always happen. I found the shrinkage on the set to be minimal, much less than my own Hill House Home pajamas.

the hill house home ivy sleep tee and alice sleep pant

While I love the way the Tiny PJ set fits the Pamper Pirate, I cannot say the same for the Hill House Home Ivy Sleep Tee and Alice Sleep Pant. As someone who is 6’-2” tall, I do not expect a perfect fit unless I am ordering from a brand that offers tall size range. As these are pajamas and I don’t just parade around outside in them, I am more liberal about what I keep.

These fit of these pajamas (top and pants sold separately) is not optimum for the tall gal. The pants are short and the sleeves are short; capri pants and 3/4 length sleeves are more like it! Both were only made shorter by the fact that I ran them through the dryer on medium heat.

So, no, I didn’t buy the matching colorway and print for the second set of the Pamper Pirate’s Tiny PJ set. If I do give Hill House Home pajamas another shot, it will likely be the Charlotte (short sleeve) Sleep Tee and the Gemma Sleep Shorts. Or Hill House Home can shock us all and extend their sizing to a tall range. A girl can dream.

I am wearing a size large that has gone through the dryer several times.

pamper pirate’s pajamas: Hill House Home • my pajama top: Hill House Home • my pajama pants: Hill House Home

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