Hill House Home Fall Rollout

Happy Hill House Home fall release day to all who celebrate. The latest collection is officially live.

Credit: Hill House Home

Athena Nap DressElizabeth Nap DressLouisa Nap DressEllie Nap Dress

I’ll be sitting out the Nap Dress release. I have bortched about it before, but since this is my safe space, I will again…

I attempted to take a nap last Friday evening. ‘’Twas thwarted by a constant parade of noise moving through the bedroom. It seems the only time I will be taking a nap is when everyone else is taking a nap, and yet, that is my only set of consecutive moments I have to clean our home.

Wearing a Nap Dress with no chance at taking a nap just seems cruel to this overworked, underrested mom.

Credit: Hill House Home

I see the styles with the new Diane Hill prints selling out before everything else in the rollout. Her print comes in the above eight styles. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Credit: Hill House Home

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