Review: NeuLash + NeuBrow

A few times every year, bloggers and LTK-ers start chatting about a certain set of products. These products are from Nordstrom and the timing is always around either the Anniversary or Semi-Annual sales

I was influenced into purchasing a two pack of the NeuLash and the NeuBrow. It was hyped up by a blogger I trusted who bought it after her blogger acquaintance, who has really great lashes, used it.

After using it regularly for the past year and a half, I feel that I am qualified to review the product.

will I buy more NeuLash + NeuBrow?

I preface this by saying that I try to avoid negativity on the blog. If I don’t like something, I avoid posting about it or try to find the positives in something. However, I feel like it is almost doing readers a disservice not to be forthright with certain experiences. With that, I will not buy more NeuLash and the NeuBrow.

After using it since July 2021 on both my brows and lashes, I only noted a slight difference in my brows. I also consistently took Viviscal and Biotin during this time, so perhaps those supplements supported any hair growth.

While I am going to continue to use the last of the product until it either runs out, or we start packing for our return stateside.

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