Vans Now and Then

Though I always loved the look of a pair of checkerboard Vans, I resisted purchasing a pair. This is until after I had a baby and decided that we would both dress up as Jeff Spicoli for the Pamper Pirate’s first Halloween. After Halloween, I ended up packing the slip on sneakers for Kazakhstan, not that I ever wore them other than the holiday.

That all changed two years later when I had to crack which shoes I was going to wear for the big move back stateside. I knew I wanted to wear my black bootcut corduroy five pocket pants with my Toteme striped sweater. I thought about wearing my metallic Golden Goose sneakers, alas I considered that the Vans might be more comfortable. Layered with my black cashmere socks, the slip on sneakers were the best idea and completely changed my perspective on the shoes.

It felt very risky to wear them for the transcontinental, transatlantic duo of flights; I was always under the impression that the Vans slip on sneaker were not comfortable and I was sure to wear blisters on my feet during the break in period. False! Since the flight, I have worn these shoes at least once a week and with a variety of pants: cargo pants, black leggings, denim. Living in the city, I have logged miles and miles in them in hours at a time. Never once have they let me down in the comfort department.

Consider me a Vans convert.

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