Sartorial 9-5 XII

Lululemon in the office, but only on weekends when the air conditioning is cut off and nobody is there to witness my casual take of workwear.

lululemon in the office

I had big plans to get some work done in the office on the weekend after the July 4th weekend. Seize the time in DC, you know?

My office is big on energy savings and as such, the air conditioning (or heating in the winter) is cut off during the weekends. I opted to wear an active top and a tennis skirt in order to keep myself as cool as possible.

Unfortunately the shades had not been drawn before the office closed for the weekend, allowing for maximum warmth on the east façade of the building, which just so happens to be the elevation that my desk is on. I barely lasted an hour in the very toasty office.

the lululemon pace rival midrise skirt in extra long

I have to sing the praises of this tennis / running / active skirt. Being six foot two inches tall, the standard length skirt would never hit at an appropriate length on me. Lululemon presents a solution with an extra long skirt; it is ideal for anyone of the six foot mark.

The skirt has a built in pair of shorts, which have a sticky trim on the inside of the hem. This keeps the shorts from riding up. The skirt has a continuous drawstring waist and there is a zip pocket at the back.

shirt: Lululemon • skirt: Lululemon • bra: Lululemon • sneakers: Nike • socks: Lululemon • watch: Cartier (also here)

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