Sartorial 9-5 XIV

I tapped into my summer wardrobe for office wear.

the jennifer behr headband

I could say that I blame Blair Waldorf for my obsession with headbands, but that would not be entirely accurate. To pinpoint the moment in my adult life when I was inspired to drive to my nearest locally-owned boutique (You the know the type. That one stocked with premium denim [that was all the effing rage in the aughts] and was put out of business by the 2008 recession.) and bought a few headbands, was season one of The Hills. Lauren Conrad put the headband back on the sartorial map and it was a year later than Queen B underscored it with her version of a crown.

The first summer of the pandemic was when I stocked up on Jennifer Behr headbands. Yes, a solid decade after the premiere of the CW teen drama. While they are not available in sizes, the Jennifer Behr styles fit my skull perfectly, nary a headache to be had!

the j.crew striped dress

I bought this dress a few weeks into the pandemic, when staying home seemed like a novel idea. It came in both a blue stripe and a red stripe, of which I bought both. Eventually I returned the red because it looked as though it was co-opting a fabric of a culture not mine. Though I liked the stripe, too dicey and I did not want to send the wrong message.

As with the last time I wore this dress, I again skipped wearing the sash; I like it better without. So much more streamlined! The care of this dress is relatively easy: delicate cycle with cold water in like colors. Along with the white fringe trim and pockets, the ease of care is a highlight of this dress.

For the purposes of being in the office, I am wearing a heavier slip beneath the dress. Because just the thought of having a wardrobe malfunction at the office is mortifying, I like having a safety layer just in case a rogue button becomes undone.

dress: J.Crew • sandals: Hermès (budget option) • sunglasses: Lapima • headband: Jennifer Behr • necklace: Maya Brenner via Baublebar • bag: Louis Vuitton • watch: Cartier (also here)

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