Equestrian Athleisure

Lately I have been obsessing about the sporty, classic slant to athleisure. I have to admit while I love the style, I did not have the ladyballs to start wearing the staples until finding inspiration from an unlikely source. Within the past year, I read about how one of the wittiest internet personalities around, Sarah Solomon, brought athletic “props” with her to bars to see if it would attract men. While I have been off the market for a solid five years, I was inspired to follow her lead and invest in some WASPy athleisure.

Along with rowing-slash-cricket blazers and tennis sweaters, it is time to induct equestrian apparel and accoutrements into the preptastic sporty trifecta. Picture swapping out your black Lululemon Wunder Unders for a pair of jodhpurs. Skip the racerback tank for a crisp button down bodysuit hybrid. Imagine taking a pass on your go-to yoga wrap or Under Armour hoodie – pending your workout of choice – in favor of a classic navy blazer. Instead of a pair of Allbirds (barf), zip up a pair of riding boots.

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White at the Museum

Listen up, Philadelphians! If you have not purchased your ticket to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Young Friends Fall into Art Party, what is your holdup? The November 3rd party date nicely corresponds to the opening of the latest Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibit, Fabulous Fashion: From Dior’s New Look to Now. While it already opened last week, it is well worth the ticket price to get a better experience in viewing the exhibit. Who hasn’t experienced some sort of outrage at the throngs of tourists just snapping away iPhone photos. Completely ruined my experience at the MoMa.

I digress.

If the PMA fashion collection is not enough of a draw, the ticket includes an open bar. #pop #fizz #clink

On the topic of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Perelman Building which is the nearby little sister location of the PMA, is my favorite part of the museum. It is never crowded and beyond underrated. In fact, my favorite exhibit of 2018 (so far) has been in the Perelman Building: Design in Revolution: A 1960s Odyssey. With Lichtensteins and vintage concert posters, what is not to love?


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Attempting to Go Off-Brand

In an effort to try new things, I attempted to go off-brand when picking out my outfit for brunch last Saturday. I started with the black studded dress. It is something that I would have gone bonkers for while I was still in high school at the turn of the millenium – does anyone else long for the days where the major clothing trends were metallics, leather, and embellishments? I blame-slash-credit The Matrix – and it was one I went bonkers for a few weeks ago when I saw it online. The dress came in tall and it was on clearance, and lucky for you there are still more in stock.


Even luckier for you, I am giving the heads up that this style is see-through, as I unpleasantly found out as I made my way out of the lobby of my building. Wear a slip with it. The hem of my slip fell beneath the hem of the dress, which I thought really worked for my going off-brand approach.

Not so lucky about the sequin cardigan, however. As mentioned in A Fab Collab: New Balance x J.Crew, I bought nearly every item from the L’Wren Scott (Fact: L’Wren Scott [R.I.P] was a fellow tall girl, clocking in at 6′-3.) x Banana Republic Collection that came in a tall option. I immediately coveted this cardigan, as it and the two others I purchased, reminded me of some Eric Daman-crafted costumes.

I voted the booties as Least Likely to be Found in My Closet in A J.Crew Shoe Review. A purchase I did not remember making, I bought these after taking out an entire bottle of red on Election Night. (For the record, it was not a happy drunk night.) When the J.Crew box arrived in the mail and I opened the shoe box, I had to laugh at myself. I soon realized how free my calves felt after trying them on and walking around on the carpeted area of the apartment. I was sold.

The coat is one of the few I own that is not J.Crew outerwear. I purchased it back in 2010 from The Gap. Like J.Crew, outerwear at The Gap does come in tall options. The material is certainly not the Nello Gori-quality of that of the J.Crew counterparts, but it is also not nearly as expensive. For the 40-50 degree temperature of last Saturday in Philadelphia, the lighter fabric of this coat was ideal.

The accessories are where my attempt to go off-brand went awry. Rather than a winter scarf or necklace, I went with a vintage equestrian scarf that I found in a thrift store in York, England. Wanting to carry something different than my go-to Kate Spade handbag (last seen here), I tore my closet apart looking for a bag that would suit the outfit and realized that I did not own another black handbag. I did have a plaid Coach clutch circa 1999. With that choice, the final nail was put in my off-brand effort.

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