Go Off-Brand

In an effort to try new things, I attempted to go off-brand when picking out my outfit for brunch last Saturday. I started with the black studded dress. It is something that I would have gone bonkers for while I was still in high school at the turn of the millenium – does anyone else long for the days where the major clothing trends were metallics, leather, and embellishments? I blame-slash-credit The Matrix – and it was one I went bonkers for a few weeks ago when I saw it online. The dress came in tall and it was on clearance, and lucky for you there are still more in stock.







Even luckier for you, I am giving the heads up that this style is see-through, as I unpleasantly found out as I made my way out of the lobby of my building. Wear a slip with it. The hem of my slip fell beneath the hem of the dress, which I thought really worked for my going off-brand approach.

Not so lucky about the sequin cardigan, however. As mentioned in A Fab Collab: New Balance x J.Crew, I bought nearly every item from the L’Wren Scott (Fact: L’Wren Scott [R.I.P] was a fellow tall girl, clocking in at 6′-3.) x Banana Republic Collection that came in a tall option. I immediately coveted this cardigan, as it and the two others I purchased, reminded me of some Eric Daman-crafted costumes.

I voted the booties as Least Likely to be Found in My Closet in A J.Crew Shoe Review. A purchase I did not remember making, I bought these after taking out an entire bottle of red on Election Night. (For the record, it was not a happy drunk night.) When the J.Crew box arrived in the mail and I opened the shoe box, I had to laugh at myself. I soon realized how free my calves felt after trying them on and walking around on the carpeted area of the apartment. I was sold.

The coat is one of the few I own that is not J.Crew outerwear. I purchased it back in 2010 from The Gap. Like J.Crew, outerwear at The Gap does come in tall options. The material is certainly not the Nello Gori-quality of that of the J.Crew counterparts, but it is also not nearly as expensive. For the 40-50 degree temperature of last Saturday in Philadelphia, the lighter fabric of this coat was ideal.

The accessories are where my attempt to go off-brand went awry. Rather than a winter scarf or necklace, I went with a vintage equestrian scarf that I found in a thrift store in York, England. Wanting to carry something different than my go-to Kate Spade handbag (last seen here), I tore my closet apart looking for a bag that would suit the outfit and realized that I did not own another black handbag. I did have a plaid Coach clutch circa 1999. With that choice, the final nail was put in my off-brand effort.

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