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While I promise that this blog will never lose it’s focus from tall style and other height-specific interests, I will absolutely check in with my 2017 commitments throughout the year. Being that one of these commitments was a rededication to living healthier, I want to revisit my physical fitness goals. I tracked my fitness class attendance for 2017 and so far I have made it to 22 fitness classes in 26 days.








I wore the New Balance x J.Crew perfect tank to yoga Sunday morning and it is indeed perfect. I layered the seamless hoodie from the same collaboration on top of the tank, until the studio heated up. The style is great for to / from the studio, so much so that I just ordered another one in bitter lemon. I wore the seamless tank from the collection to Bootcamp, Namaste and Tone, and Yoga; again so many times that I just ordered a second one in mauve.

I have sang the praises of Lululemon Wunder Unders in prior blog posts. On Sunday I wore my favorite printed cropped pair. I usually do not go for cropped styles as they tend to hit too high on my calves for my liking (#tallgirlproblems, amirite?) but the print is so awesome I had to make an exception.

There are accessories to consider when planning for a workout.

  • S’well water bottles are amazing; they tend not to collect condensation and the contents remains cold. Just buy the largest option.
  • A headband is necessary for keeping the little hairs too short for a ponytail from getting in the way and distracting from your workout. My favorites are from Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret Sport.
  • As far as yoga mats go, I bought the most affordable model at Target which was of the Gaiam variety.
  • I invested more in the yoga towel. For those who are unaware, the yoga towel is a complete and total game changer. I used to slip and slide around my mat once I would work up a yoga glow. Cut to me being completely paranoid of my hands slipping out from under me during down dog. That all changed on one fateful day back in the Spring of 2012 and my yoga practice was transformed.

I read that January 18 is the most common day that new year’s resolutions are dropped. Not this girl, not this year!

tank // hoodie // wunder under crop (similar) // headband // S’Well bottle // yoga mat // yoga towel


  1. As someone who is 5’2″ and has the opposite problem at Lulu (crops are usually too long to even be pants 🙁 ), I am interested to branch out into more athleisure- I’m LOVING the J Crew line!! Also, I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for two years and I’ve noticed so much improvement. It hit me the other day: my flow actually FLOWS now!! Sometimes it’s nice to realise the little but great things. Love your style!!

  2. Girl you are killing it in these yoga poses!!! Love it.
    I have been thinking about getting a yoga towel as well, glad to hear it was a game changer for you.


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