Equestrian Athleisure

Lately I have been obsessing about the sporty, classic slant to athleisure. I have to admit while I love the style, I did not have the ladyballs to start wearing the staples until finding inspiration from an unlikely source. Within the past year, I read about how one of the wittiest internet personalities around, Sarah Solomon, brought athletic “props” with her to bars to see if it would attract men. While I have been off the market for a solid five years, I was inspired to follow her lead and invest in some WASPy athleisure.

Along with rowing-slash-cricket blazers and tennis sweaters, it is time to induct equestrian apparel and accoutrements into the preptastic sporty trifecta. Picture swapping out your black Lululemon Wunder Unders for a pair of jodhpurs. Skip the racerback tank for a crisp button down bodysuit hybrid. Imagine taking a pass on your go-to yoga wrap or Under Armour hoodie – pending your workout of choice – in favor of a classic navy blazer. Instead of a pair of Allbirds (barf), zip up a pair of riding boots.

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