High on Tall Coats

Lately there have been two things that I have been obsessed with: new coats and rewatching SATC. This past weekend, I was browsing some sites with tall departments and I found this stunner:

coat (available in tall)

The khaki version reminds me of the coat that Carrie wore during Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Yes, this was the scandalous episode in which she commences an affair with Big. Having an affair is a bad idea, but the coat she was wearing was a good idea.

shīroshakar: Persian for milk and sugar

Seersucker is one of my favorite summer staples. Only to be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, it is a elevated older sister to white and younger sister to madras. It is an essential to the traditional wardrobe, ergo it is an essential to my wardrobe. Since it never goes out of style, I have never had to retire a seersucker item. In fact, I still have the pink and white a-line, strapless, seersucker dress I purchased during the summer of 2008. I distinctly remember wearing it later that summer during my last night out on the Gulf Coast before moving to DC for graduate school and again that summer on my birthday.

Seersucker has a rich history. The name is derived from the Persian word from milk and sugar; this refers to the textured character of the fabric. In the early 1900s, the fabric came to be en vogue by way of New Orleanean designer Joseph Haspel Sr. Seersucker was a popular alternative to the paradigm due to its lightweight nature versus the intense temperature and humidity of the deep South.

Seersucker suits were very popular on Capitol Hill prior to the introduction of air conditioning. Could you imagine having to work in the Capitol not only without a/c, but also while wearing a lightweight wool suit? How miserable. In the 1990s, Mississippi senator Trent Lott rebooted the seersucker Thursday trend on The Hill. I speak from experience when I say that this spread all over the District. Several blocks away from the Capitol, the entire government relations and communications department for the nonprofit that I worked for during graduate school engaged in seersucker Thursday, myself included.

the hill
Credit: Getty

If the spring releases are any indication, seersucker is coming in hot for the summer. I have rounded up some of my favorite styles. Can you guess which one I broke Shopping Moratorium 2018 for?

strapless dress (marked down and available in tall) // asymmetrical dress (marked down and available in tall)

tank suit.jpg

tank suit

skimmer pant

capri pant




pajama pants // shift dress

SATC to Square One

Lately, I have been bingeing and re-bingeing the first season of Sex and the City, much to my husband’s dismay. While I unquestionably love all episodes of SATC up to “Ring a Ding Ding”, the first season of Sex and the City was the best season. It had the best style. I said it. I meant it. I am not taking it back. To be frank, I am partial to late nineties fashion. The minimalism, the color palette, and the futuristic allusions.

In the mid-aughts, I read an article about color theory and why certain types of colors – metallics, neons, primaries – come into style in certain years. This article explained that the metallic colors that dominated the end of the millennium, were a reaction to looking forward to the future. In the years that the adults fretted about the millennium bug, it would only make sense that we dressed in the palette of computer chips. 

These days, the kids are really into early nineties styles; a few glances of what I see walking around Center City and my mind goes to Reality Bites, Singles, and the first three seasons of The Real World. I am looking forward to the day that late nineties Calvin Klein minimalism takes over. Goodbye, chokers. Hello Prada nylon. Over the past few weeks, I found a few items that recall that era. Here is hoping that what I have found is an indication of better things to come.

clockwise from top right: pink tank // stone camisole // asymmetrical dress // slip dress // one-shoulder shirt // grey v-neck camisole // satin cropped pants // mockneck dress

Shopping Moratorium 2018 | 2/360

This past Monday I mentioned that I tried on much of my clothing in mid-December. There was so much of it and I love it all. Most of what I have are not items from recent releases; I either have collected the pieces over the years or bought old items NWT it via eBay. Tragically, I do not fit into most of it. As addressed on Monday, I have plans to remedy that.

After a holiday season of shopping like a madwoman (granted not just for me) and the Lilly APS of seasons past, I have a bloated closet. During the last few weeks of December, I was listening to Pop Fashion podcast (highly recommended) and the hosts were discussing an essay detailing a year without shopping. I was inspired. After reading the essay the hosts were citing and reading up on a few accounts of years without shopping, I grew inspired to do the same. Along with clothing, shoes, and accessories, I am putting a shopping moratorium on the following:

  • beauty products
  • hair products
  • home decor (I will allow myself to indulge in floral bouquets and candles.)
  • daily espresso drinks (This is symbiotic with my commitment to Whole30.)
  • books (I already have too many unread.)
  • iTunes (with the exception of season five of Southern Charm, because live a little)

Prior to purchasing any of the following, I will do an inventory of what I have in the apartment to make sure that I am not adding to what we already have (and usually in excess):

  • basic hygiene items (toothpaste, body wash, deodorant)
  • food (We have like, five bags of frozen broccoli. Why? I do not know.)
  • cleaning supplies (laundry spray, anti-bacterial wipes, paper towels)
  • gift wrap (WHY do we have so much gift wrapping supplies?)

I am writing this hours into my moratorium. By the time this posts, I will be three days into it and guys, I am really excited for leaning my spending.