Think Pink

I found this dress while perusing the sale section of one of my favorite designer’s sites. (Guess the one!) After drooling over the rich-lady-goes-bohemian styles, I found this dress. The electric pink of this dress is what got me to to click on the link. The sixty percent reduction made me reconsider my 2018 Shopping Moratorium. (I resisted, for now.)

This dress gives me total Blair Waldorf vibes. Everything from the ruffle down the bodice to the pearl detail button, it screams Upper East Side Type-A Control Freak with an undercurrent of 1970s Charlie’s Angels (the OG sporters of the pussy bow blouse) and I. AM. HERE. FOR IT!

Inferring from the color and fabric (one hundred percent silk, no polyester here), I believe this dress is intended to be worn during the spring / summer months and I would wear it with these shoes during the aforementioned seasons. I would be hypothetically more stoked to wear it during the fall / winter transition over a black slip, light gray tights, and light gray suede ankle boots.


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