The Clabaugh Room

My husband and I spent the beginning of last week at Antrim 1844, when we stayed in the Clabaugh Room. The room is named for a state figurehead. Per the Antrim 1844 website, “This room is named after George Washington Clabaugh who purchased the property in 1837. His son, Harvey Morris Clabaugh, was elected Attorney General of Maryland and then appointed Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court by President Roosevelt in 1903.” 

Taking this moment to shout out my cube mate from the Civil War Trust (and later, randomly running into each other a solid once every three months in Georgetown), as his last name is Claybaugh. I instantly thought of him when I learned of the namesake of the room. He grew up in the area and has been to many of the historic areas that I cover on the blog and on Instagram. I would not be shocked if he was related to the OG Clabaugh for which the Clabaugh Room was named.

While I was looking out onto the dreamy grounds from one of the prominent second story windows on the front elevation, I mentioned how amazing it would be to be here during snowfall.

Joke is on me. We dodged snowfall in the three days that we spent at this Historic Hotel of America; however the Thursday I returned to work, not only did King of Prussia (my location of my office) get absolutely pummeled with snow, but my noon evacuation attempt left me driving around KoP attempting to negotiate snowing roads for two hours. One of those hours was merely driving back to the office because I found the roads nonnegotiable and a dying phone battery. I was so lucky that I did not end up stuck on the road in a two wheel drive SUV.

I digress. During the two hours I spent navigating King of Prussia trying to find an on ramp to either 76 or 476, my mind was flashing back to my stay at Antrim 1844, specifically the Clabaugh Room. Between the subtle equestrian decor, the wood burning fireplace, and the coffee that showed up at our door in the morning, I could not think of a more cozy place to spend a snow day. Typing on my laptop in bed, with my sweet husband reading a book in front of the fire, has never felt so… Luxurious? Cozy? Relaxing? All of the above? All of the above.

I typically fall asleep with the television on. (Never Law & Order. Always Will & Grace, Seinfeld, or Frasier.) I was given the choice between a room with or without a television. In the interest of making my husband happy and preserving the historic experience, I chose without. With no television in the room, despite the wind wsssshhhhing, I slept significantly better than I have in…years? Something to consider for the future.

Sincerest thanks to Antrim 1844 for sponsoring my stay.


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