Collab Factor: @vineyardvines x @Target

The prep world was rocked this past Thursday when Target and Vineyard Vines announced a collaboration. Word on the street is that the prices will range from single digits upwards to $150. Mark your calendars for May 18th, because if past experience is any indicator, the website will crash and there will be lines around the block. #maytheoddsbe ever in your favor.

Before we go on, and I know I have discussed this on the blog before, but I was here for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration. While I would never pay non-APS pricing for a dress for one of my nieces, I sure did go on to buy two dresses for each of the little ladies. Not only did they go on to literally wear them to death, but these were their first Lilly’s, because Target made it so accessible. Scathing Twitter feedback claimed that Lilly Pulitzer would roll over in her grave, but let’s be honest: Lilly welcomed everyone into her home be it the chicest Palm Beach socialite or the milkman. I think the instant sell out proved the haters incorrect, yes?

Though the Twitterverse did not experience the prepquake that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target did, there was an array of responses…

…from the psyched!…

…to the, shall we say, less than enthused…

(Pull the stick out of your asses, amirite?)

…to those who saw the above {rude} feedback coming…

…to those who may still have PTSD from the Lilly collab…and are ready for a second helping.

Put me in the last camp. I was here for Lilly x Target and I will be here for Vineyard Vines x Target. I have several nieces and nephews who exemplify the good life and sending each a whale happy just may be worth breaking my 2019 shopping moratorium.

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