Style Survey // Eric

Name: Eric

Profession: Digital Marketing / Social Media Manager

Hometown: Voorhees, NJ







DSC06204sOutfit: blazer: Brooks Brothers 200th Anniversary Edition 1818 Navy Blazer // pants: Ben Sherman Slim Fit Stretch Chinos // shirt: Brooks Brothers Original Polo Button Down Non-iron Shirt // tie: Brooks Brothers BB#1 Repp Tie // shoes: Brooks Brothers Peal & Co Signature Tartan Slippers (sold out) // glasses: Warby Parker // watch: Rolex Datejust 41

Does your style differ from your nine-to-five to your weekend, and if so, how?

No not really, I try to keep my look classic. I’ll usually be in a sport shirt and chinos at all times. I try and dress up in a suit once in a while at work as I always feel confident in a well tailored suit.

Who are your style influences and what qualities about them impact you?

I learned all that I know about preppy style from my first job working for a classic American brand. The merchants taught me the qualities that make for a well made suit or the craftsmanship that goes into fabricating a tie. I try to avoid all the flashy fashion trends because they will eventually fade. Being pragmatic and choosing items that will stand the test of time while also looking good means a lot to me. I learned the importance of building a wardrobe on basic staple pieces. If you were to go into my closet, most of my clothing is pretty simple and can go with pretty much anything. My individuality comes into play with accessories, whether it be a fun print bow tie, classic necktie, or shoes that standout.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Navy blazer, chinos, white shirt and tie. Never goes out of style. Can work in the dead of winter and can be adjusted for high summer.

Who is your {favorite} photographer?

I really enjoy the work of Frans Lanting. The colors that he is able to capture in his nature photography is stunning.

Where can people find you on social media?

on Instagram @ThePrepSailor

on Twitter @ThePrepSailor


  1. Love the Q&A, as I’ve always looked up to Eric and respected him for his classic American preppy style. We need more gentlemen like him in this world. It’s nice to gee to know him a little bit better through this post. Thanks for sharing. Cheers! – Leo

    1. Hello Leo and thank you for checking out the blog post. I love Eric’s style too! And now that he mentioned it, I am obsessed with looking through Frans Lanting (his fav photographer) photography.

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