In Pod We Trust

Did you guys know that I am a Sex and the City enthusiast?

That was sarcasm. Of course you knew that. (And if you are new and really did not know about my fangirl-ness for the female fab four, welcome and sincerely thank you for stopping by!)

After listening to and interacting [online] with The Bradshaw Boys for well over a year, I recorded a podcast with the Boys two weekends ago, likely due to the incessant prodding of…myself. Yes, I essentially invited myself. Shoot your effing shot, amirite? I was amped to join the boys for a viewing and review of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. TBH after my online harassing in regards to the swiper of Carrie Bradshaw’s v-card (Seth Bateman? Truman Capote? Weaver? Who knows.), I consider myself lucky that they even allowed me in Seltzer King Studios, home of the pod.

It was more fun than I can even articulate. For those who are unfamiliar, The Bradshaw Boys is a podcast where three relatively grown men (Cory Cavin, Jon Sieber, Kevin James Doyle) watch the iconic HBO series Sex and the City for the first time, mostly. Every week, the boys view an episode and discuss. I can testify that they watch and subsequently record as they promise…no advanced watching!

The Bradshaw Boys host guests on the podcast, my favorite so far being Jennifer Armstrong, who wrote Sex and the City and Us. I wrote about her book after correctly answering a Sex and the City trivia question on The Bradshaw Boys Instagram and won a signed copy. Color me jazzed to get to sit in the same spot as Jennifer, Jonathan Valdez, Corrine Fisher, Eliot Glazer, and Dan Clay aka Carrie Dragshaw.

Listen to the podcast episode and follow The Bradshaw Boys on Soundcloud, Stitcher, or iTunes and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And if you see them on the street, tip your glass.


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