How to Navigate the Target Collab Redux

Real talk: We are not going to get everything we want from the Target collaboration redux. You and I, let’s make peace with that now. It is fine. Repeat my Lilly APS mantra with me: It is only clothes and how lucky I am that a limited edition supply running out – and it will run out – is my biggest problem.

That being said, shall we strategize and see if we can maximize the fruits of the Target twentieth anniversary?

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 12.56.10 PM

before the sale…

  • Locate the brands you want to shop and your local brick and mortar locations. Fun fact: not all locations will have all brands. Type your zip code in on this page and get information about where your prioritized brands will pop up.
  • Memorize the Sunday hours for your brick and mortar Target.
  • Prior to the Target collaboration live date, take the time to register on the website. Should you already have log in information for the site, now is the time to check your registration and sign in on all of your electronic devices: laptop, family computer, smart phone, tablet. Whether you register or just confirm your log in information, make note of it. Seriously, write it down.
  • Download the Target app ahead of time and take time to familiarize yourself with it and the Target mobile site layouts now. Consider the fact that the app may be deactivated (as the Lilly one is during APS) during the launch.
  • Once you are signed in, make sure that both your payment method (ahem, expiration date!) and address is up to date.
  • Make a shopping list of your target items and sizes. Prioritize your trophy brands and then your prize styles.
  • Clear your calendar for midnight this Friday the 13th / Saturday the 14th.

the night of the Target 20th Anniversary sale…

  • Set your alarm clock for midnight eastern standard time and brew yourself some coffee.
  • Traditionally the sales go live midnight Pacific standard time, but it is worth being on Target patrol early.

you’re in…

  • Shop your aforementioned priorities.
  • Having an item in your virtual shopping bag does not reserve it. Check out often because items may be unceremoniously ripped from your bag.
  • After check out, jump back in line on the electronic device.
  • Monitor your other devices for access.
  • repeat

the morning after…

  • Keep track of what you were not able to purchase online. Those are your updated priorities.
  • Be at your local Target prior to opening. Circa 2015 for Lilly Pulitzer, I was in my local Target parking lot by 6 am, though it was not until I saw another shopper pull into the parking lot when I jumped out of my car and actually started a line.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 12.59.21 PM


  • While you are in the virtual line, be patient. Refreshing the page will not get you into the sale sooner.
  • This is not a life or death situation. It is not worth stressing over limited edition items, and if this is the biggest problem in your life, consider yourself charmed.

My Target Redux 20

Did you have FOMO for missing the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection? Missoni? Zac Posen? All of the above?

All of the above.

I shopped the original online rollout of the queen of resort and was the first person in line at my local store and I still felt like I missed out on some of the styles. How fortunate that Target is giving us a second chance. I was completely jazzed to see that the bullseye retailer is reissuing highlights from not only the Lilly Pulitzer collection, but twenty years worth of designer collaborations.

I mean, way to give the people what they want, amirite?

In honor of the Target twentieth anniversary of collaborations, I picked out my top twenty picks. This is what I will be shopping come Sunday Saturday early morning. Shall we get into it?

For the laaaaadies….

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For the baaaaabies….

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Freedom of Beach

Our time in Monterey is coming to an end and we are making the most of our last three weeks on the peninsula. We are looking forward to next cross country road trip and our subsequent relocation to Washington DC. I spent the Obama years going to graduate school within the Beltway and subsequently working in the District. After growing up in the Deep South, that 2008 move was a welcomed change and I will always look back on that time, just being independent for the seemingly the first time in my life, ever so fondly. As stoked as I am for returning to the east coast, I will miss the mellow pace of the west coast.

My only regret is that we will be moving to the District just in time for peak humidity and heat, rivaled only by that on the Mississippi Gulf Coast but minus the sea breeze. {I distinctly remember the heat of the summer of 2013. I walked to and from work in Georgetown, including a hiking up Book Hill in the mornings. That August was as hot as the devil’s hole.} Until then, I will be making the most of our time on the Pacific and the associated temperate weather.

Previous generations of this particular polo style were too boxy for a 6′-2″ frame. I love that this version was long enough for my torso. The shorts are from the Vineyard Vines by Target collaboration and are unfortunately long gone from the online store, as of about twenty minutes after the collaboration went live. In addition to liking the stretch patchwork fabric (so much so, that I purchased the boy version of the shorts for three of my nephews), the higher rise and ever-so-slight longer inseam of the shorts is ideal for a taller gal.


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Beach Therapy

The husband and I are making the most out of our last days on the Monterey. Between packing up our home (even though it was only for three months, anywhere feels like home when my husband is there), we have a bucket list of items to do prior to leaving the peninsula next week, including visits to the Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey Aquarium (we only live next door to it), more walks to the beach in Pacific Grove, and so many restaurants.

Pacific Grove has the qualities of which non-Monterey residents probably picture Monterey to be, at least by Big Little Lies standards. While Monterey is next level beautiful, Pacific Grove is just a few degrees more serene and less touristy. It also has the best beach which is very walkable from our house. It is on the top tip of the peninsula and kind of a peninsula of itself. As I was venturing out to Pacific Grove earlier this week, the sun over Monterey disappeared and a mist over PG emerged. Gone was the sun, replaced by the moodiest of midday clouds. It was the Wes Anderson of summer weather.

I already packed up a ton of my outfits in preparation for our cross country move. I decided that the vintage Lilly Pulitzer shifts should not be packed in my duffel bag; they are better off saved for my east coast antics later this summer anyways. Lately it has been polo shirts and chino shorts. The shirt is from the Vineyard Vines by Target collaboration and is long gone. The shorts are from J.Crew (last seen on the blog here). I recently retired all of my three inch inseam shorts. I think it is best to start covering up, as I am moving into my mid-thirties. To be honest, I probably should have been wearing the five inch inseam shorts all along. Lesson learned.


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The Lookbook is Here // #EDSFTG featuring @Target and @VineyardVines

The Vineyard Vines and Target lookbook dropped yesterday. Offerings included everything from the iconic patchwork print, whale logo, and polo shirt to items that look more seasonal. I was disappointed to see that any iteration of the ever-present heritage canvas tote bag or even a weekender was not included in the collection. I guess I will just have to buy that from the standard line. Le sigh.

Nevertheless, this is what I have my eyes on for when the collection drops on May 19th:

I want the pullover for my sister, the shorts for myself, and polo for my mom. Ideally, I want all three of the items for all three of us. Triplets!

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Ever since my parents retired, they have been living the life of leisure. On the coast that means fishing, grilling, and hanging out in the pool. When my husband and I visit them, we get to live that life of leisure for a week. The polo is perfect to pull on with the swim trunks to run to our local poboy place (holla Pirates Cove!) to pick up lunch midday.

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Speaking of our yearly week long life of leisure on the coast, I should order and send these home items straight to my parents house for this year’s Independence Day. Our trip is a tradition that goes back to 2014, when I brought my then-boyfriend / now-husband to my parents’ house for the first time and introduced him to the legends themselves. While my parents go grocery shopping in the days leading up to our visit, I usually send some items their way. In years past I sent flamingo and pineapple floats. This year, beach towels and beach chairs and beach balls.

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This is not my biological clock ticking. My sister-in-law has a four month old and he is just the cutest, most mellow guy ever, especially in comparison to his two older rambunctious brothers.

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I cannot shop for the baby without shopping for the big brothers. Or the cousins. I have three nieces and four nephews, not including the baby. The JV squad is the best. The girls are always getting into something be it camping, hunting, or packing trails. True story: The middle niece once misunderstood her momma’s directions and tried to pack a snow trail to Nana’s house the next town over, not Nana’s land the next parcel over as her momma intended. The Lilly x Target rompers I bought the two oldest girls four years ago were hits. I am betting on these rompers for the little ladies and the newest member of the #girlsquad.

And the boys will wear whatever their moms pick out for them.

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Will you be at the local Target in line when the store opens or rage tweeting when the collection goes live online?

Collab Factor: @vineyardvines x @Target

The prep world was rocked this past Thursday when Target and Vineyard Vines announced a collaboration. Word on the street is that the prices will range from single digits upwards to $150. Mark your calendars for May 18th, because if past experience is any indicator, the website will crash and there will be lines around the block. #maytheoddsbe ever in your favor.

Before we go on, and I know I have discussed this on the blog before, but I was here for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration. While I would never pay non-APS pricing for a dress for one of my nieces, I sure did go on to buy two dresses for each of the little ladies. Not only did they go on to literally wear them to death, but these were their first Lilly’s, because Target made it so accessible. Scathing Twitter feedback claimed that Lilly Pulitzer would roll over in her grave, but let’s be honest: Lilly welcomed everyone into her home be it the chicest Palm Beach socialite or the milkman. I think the instant sell out proved the haters incorrect, yes?

Though the Twitterverse did not experience the prepquake that the Lilly Pulitzer for Target did, there was an array of responses…

…from the psyched!…

…to the, shall we say, less than enthused…

(Pull the stick out of your asses, amirite?)

…to those who saw the above {rude} feedback coming…

…to those who may still have PTSD from the Lilly collab…and are ready for a second helping.

Put me in the last camp. I was here for Lilly x Target and I will be here for Vineyard Vines x Target. I have several nieces and nephews who exemplify the good life and sending each a whale happy just may be worth breaking my 2019 shopping moratorium.

Shell I Compare Sea to a Summer’s Day?

Who remembers when Gilt and RueLaLa were the best online destinations to shop? Admittedly I probably shopped too much at the flash sale sites, so much so that I burnt out. Full candor, I was most certainly one of those girls who used the first thirty minutes of her lunch break (EST thank sweet baby Jesus) to raid Gilt’s daily offering.

Sidebar: I highly recommend reading By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop written by Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the founders of Gilt. It is an easily digestible read that you will not want to put down. Read it especially if you need inspiration in your professional life.

These days it seems as though the flash sale concept has been phased out for both of the websites. Though the seeming urgency to shop it everyday has cooled, it is not necessarily reflective of the quality of merchandise. In the past six months, I know I purchased at least one dress, one pair of sunglasses, and one swimsuit from one site or the other.

The swimsuit being this one. Unfortunately it was not offered in long torso, but I made a size larger than what I would typically purchase, work. With this fantastic print and the vivid colors, can you blame me?






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