Counting Down: APS

Let us get this out of the way. None of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale items are must-haves, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. Food? Water? Oxygen? Those are life essentials. Elsa blouse? Mila shift? Those are luxuries and we are lucky to live in a world where scoring a frock on markdown is our biggest problem. I am not here to lecture; I just urge y’all to keep a little perspective during this tough and trying time.

That said, I have my eye on a few items that I would love to see pop up on the After Party Sale. And if they don’t, I will be signing off. As I say about the #Nsale (shudder), if you would not normally purchase the item, you are not saving money on a sale.

No secret that I love the Goop x Lilly Pulitzer. I bought the mini dress and blouse via Goop when they went on markdown. The collection supposedly sold out on the Lilly Pulitzer online store, but you know what other collaboration did? The Eugenia Kim collection but it magically became available and I was able to score the bohemian headscarf on the 2017 August APS. I am holding out that I will be able to score either the ball skirt or maxi dress, and if neither, the Maisie shift, as the style is a dead ringer for the Goop version.

My world (and that of every other gal topping six feet in height) was rocked when Lilly Pulitzer released shift dresses and shorts in longer lengths. I was so amped that when I heard the news, I immediately drafted an impromptu blog post despite the fact that I was riding in the passenger seat on a cross country road trip and we were somewhere in Nebraska and reception was spotty at best. The answers to my prayer to Lilly Pulitzer for a more conservatively cut shift landed two of the styles on my After Party Sale radar. These earrings have been on my radar for a second and as such, I will be keeping an eye out for those as well.


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