My Blue Love

Tie dye is so hot right now. This is not only the second time wearing tie dye this summer, but the second time sporting this specific tunic. A flashback to three summers ago:

Photo Jun 13, 8 43 46 PM

Back then, I was about wild hair, pearls with everything, and denim cutoffs. I am still that free spirited gal with the penchant for classic jewelry at heart, but these days I am a bit more buttoned up. On the outside, at least.

Photo Jun 13, 7 12 05 PMPhoto Jun 13, 7 11 48 PMPhoto Jun 13, 7 11 41 PMPhoto Jun 13, 7 10 36 PMPhoto Jun 13, 7 10 08 PM

The tunic is long gone, but I found another tie dyed one that looks quite similar. Additionally, there are two more of the same style from the same designer that I have been eyeing for a generous markdown. Stalk on, sale stalkers!

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