eBae Fire Sale

An upcoming big move abroad means that I have to be most discerning about not only what I decide to bring but also what I put into storage. Though my husband’s job covers it, I do not want to sit on clothing that I will not miss. Enter eBay.

I started using eBay during the earlier part of the last decade when I became increasingly alarmed that I was hoarding clothing, particularly clothes that I wore during previous jobs at Banana Republic and The Buckle. Seven years of working in retail and I ended up with plenty of clothing that was out of date, no longer fit, or simply no longer my taste. With eBay there was no such thing as Buyers Remorse in the case that I ordered anything final sale that did not work out for me.

Below are select items up for grabs, all in great condition. Reference that my blog sent you and I will knock eight percent off the merchandise price.

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