Floral Relativism

I hate how often polyester pops up on product information. On the bright side, it has been the biggest deterrent in my online shopping habit. Why do we pay money for garments made of cheap synthetic materials? Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are filled with documentaries about the intersection of fashion and sustainability, and it is [...]

Let There Be White

Last summer, before my wedding, I wore white dresses all of the damn time. Any excuse to don one, really. I had been watching a lot of season three of Sex and the City, when Natasha and Big are engaged and all Natasha wears is white dresses. The style influences that move me... It also [...]

Ann Taylor Finds

I constantly forget that Ann Taylor offers tall sizes; unfortunately they are not available in store. Fortunately, the website is markdown city. Shop on.     dresses: boat neck sheath // green knit // navy scallop // separates: ruffle blazer // jacquard pant // tweed jacket // coats: gray shawl neck // cream funnel neck

Suit Up

For the past three weeks, I have been on a Netflix binge of Friends. As someone who was in elementary and middle school throughout the nineties and grew up in a one television house, I was not vested enough to keep up with the series once I owned my own television during the latter half [...]