Tall Tuesday: More eBae

My family and I are moving abroad this January. I have a limited amount of things that I am allowed to bring with me, so I may as well make sure that all of the clothes I bring actually fit, right?

I started selling items on eBay back in 2012 when I started to use the e-commerce site to make supplementary income while I was in graduate school. Cut to a seemingly irreversible weight gain and a come to Jesus moment and I decided to purge my closet of everything that no longer fits no matter how much I wish otherwise. I had so many of my clothes get me through momentous events in my life – interviews, presentations, graduations, and engagement – that they have become symbols of growth and success.

It is especially difficult to say goodbye to these symbols because the tall sizing of most of my clothes, is no longer available in such an extent as it once was across retailers. Tragic.

I want these clothes to go to others who need the tall sizing. Now that we are weeks out from the new year and our impending move, it is time for a fire sale on my tall sized clothing. I set up Fixed Price listings with generous pricing and the option to make offers. Make me an offer, but you know, don’t piss me off. 😉

Reference that my blog sent you and I will knock eight percent off the merchandise price.

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