PCQ Diaries Day 5: Size 13

Day five of our post coast quarantine is also day three of Election Day 2020. I will say it now: three days worth of Election Day is worse than being in labor with the Pamper Pirate for twenty-six hours. This week has been a week of sweatsuits, leggings, and pajamas.

No more.

I decided that despite confined to the apartment, I would put on a dress and shoes. Usually I do not wear shoes in the apartment; they are removed at the door. These flats are brand new though. They arrived yesterday and the front desk ran the parcel containing them (as well as our food delivery) up to our door. I could not wait to try them on and begin the break-in process.

The break-in process is going to be less arduous that I anticipated. The leather already started to mold to my feet as I was scooting around the apartment this afternoon. And, yes, these shoes are made of absolutely the most delicious leather. Best part: They {and others in the brand} are available up to a size thirteen.

Size thirteen, genuine leather, women-owned biz: these shoes tick all of the boxes! If you use this link, first time purchasers can enjoy fifty dollars off and shoes on the site.


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