Tall Tuesday: Chambray

Who has not worn an oversized chambray shirt over a pair of Lululemon black Wunder Under leggings and tan riding boots? Hell, I lived in that combination circa 2013 to 2014; we are talking official uniform.

I once wore a chambray sundress to a family member’s summer wedding. A cousin-in-law clumsily gave me a compliment about pulling off denim at a wedding. A little about the fabric for the uninitiated from the Cotton Incorporated website:

“Chambray is a cotton plain-weave fabric made with a dyed warp yarn and a white filling yarn. Chambray is typically light blue in color. While it may look like denim, chambray is lighter and is woven differently. It has a softer texture than denim and is thinner in construction. Chambray is perfect for spring and summer tops, jumpsuits, and dresses.”

Per Cotton Incorporated: “Chambray is often mistaken for denim because of its similar weave: a blue warp and a white weft woven together. But while denim is sturdy and can be stiff, chambray is the opposite: lightweight and airy with a softer feel. This makes chambray a perfect summer fabric. We love combining these two iconic American fabrics to achieve unique, fashionable look.”

With the ushering in of spring comes the ideal season to sport chambray. Shirts, shorts, shirt dresses, you name it. Everything below is available in tall range sizing:

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