An Argument for Bras

Every few days or so, an Instagram story or Tweet or some piece of social media collateral passes through one of my electronic devices bemoaning the return of bras with the official end of quarantine. It seems that nobody – sans me that is – wants to begin wearing appropriate undergarments again. I am truthfully shocked that others find the braless life a comfortable life, especially moms.

I wore soft bras all pandemic long within the walls of my apartments and sometimes outside as well. Furthermore, ever since I gave birth to the Pamper Pirate, I started wearing either soft bras or tanks with shelf bras to sleep. (Let’s not kid ourselves, I have not slept an entire night through since my second trimester.) Yes, most of the soft bras I wear are actually nursing bras or from maternity lines. I most definitely packed them all when the Pamper Pirate and I took a sojourn to my parents’ coast house. I could not imagine not wearing a bra even to bed while at their house.

Could it be that I went the polar opposite way of most women in that I sported a bra 24/7? Fact. This is why:

  • Does nobody else’s body collect under boob sweat? Perhaps it was part of the postpartum hormones, but my body sweats constantly. Coupled with armpit persperation, the moisture is uncomfortable to the point that I just cannot go without some sort of fabric keeping it dry.
  • Simply put, the support is necessary.
  • Lastly soft bras are so comfortable, why would you chose not to wear one?

Fun fact: I had this bra in three colorways until I wore it to give birth to the Pamper Pirate. I had to be cut out of it in order to nurse the Pamper Pirate immediately post-labor, as I still had an IV in an arm. I just purchased a replacement in that soft bra style and the other colorway that initially was not available.


  1. Those of us stuck at the AA-A end of the range don’t have these issues. So braless is just fine except for the stares one gets. Still need band-aid protection from that.

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