Tall Tuesday: Horsebit

Back in Februray, I discovered a J.Crew dress that upon first glance, absolutely needed to be in my closet. Sizing, style, detail, fabric, this dress checks all of the boxes.

First of all, this frock is available in tall sizing. Anyone who frequently shops J.Crew understands that the tall offering is ever decreasing. The fact that this dress is even available in the tall size range feels like a miracle.

Lately, J.Crew has been hitting it out of the park with classic styles. Example: the Dalton Blazer. This dress falls into the same camp. It is never going to look dated. It is never going to look like an item one purchased while waiting out the 2020 pandemic. Someone photograph this dress and put it in Lisa Birnbaum’s next iteration of the preppy handbook (crossing my fingers that this is not just a pipedream) because it is timeless.

Hardware finish preferences vary from person to person. This frock is particularly delightful as no matter what hardware finish you prefer for your Chanel bag or jewelry, at least two colorways will coordinate with your choice metal. I think the horsebit buckle lends a Gucci-esque air to the dress without being a shameless knockoff. You know how I feel about knockoffs.

This style differs from most J.Crew offerings in that rather than the standard 365 Crepe, also known as polyester, that J.Crew churns styles out in by the truckload, it is an elevated fabric. Specifically, the dress is Italian stretch wool from a storied mill. Per J.Crew, “the wool that can be traced directly to NATIVA™ Certified farms, where the highest standards are placed on taking care of the sheep, the land they inhabit and the people working alongside them.”

I just ordered the ivory colorway in this frock. I am still waiting for its arrival to Central Asia. Bets on me purchasing the grenadine version before first dress even arrives?

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