2020 was a Mother

A baseball tee, long corduroy pants, and Golden Goose sneakers with a price tag that likely would have made me balk mere years ago, someone log this outfit in as my new mom uniform.

the Golden Goose sneakers

Though they don’t fit in with my Charlotte York / Blair Waldorf fever dream aesthetic, I am strangely obsessed with Golden Goose sneakers. There are so many variations that the chances of running into someone wearing the same pair are minimal. I frequently (never) get asked about whether they are worth the price. Let us discuss…

  • Though they initially required a brief breaking in phase, the Golden Goose sneakers are comfortable. I say this as someone who wore these on a two flight, half way around the world journey, that included running through the Frankfurt airport. The sneakers did not let me down.
  • Some people might find the fit initially awkward, as there is a minor lifted insole. As a result the heel of the sneaker does not rise as high as one typically expects. The lift does not take long to get used to; as an added bonus, it is leg lengthening.
  • The sneakers are 560 dollars. How did I wrap my head around that? Like all pricey purchases I make, I get comfortable with steep price tags by gaining an understanding of how many hours I have to work in order to purchase given item. I do this by breaking down salary to my post-tax hourly wage. Then I calculate the hours and ask myself if it is worth it.

the corduroy pants

I scored these Gap Factory corduroy pants last July for a whopping twelve dollars. The tall sizes go in and out of stock at a sporadic pace. I recommending bookmarking the pants and checking whenever you open your browser as they are a fantastic value and easy on the wallet. I love the bootcut style; these days it is hard to find. Lastly, the corduroys have a 37 inch inseam. I can speak with utmost certainty that 37 inch inseam pants do not come along everyday.

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