Tall Tuesday: Denim

Being able to find long enough denim for the tall gal is no joke. Brands that previously catered to tall inseams on women’s jeans have decreased them from 36 inches for what should be full length denim in bootcut and flare cuts. Never mind how the ankle length trend has impacted the availability of traditional long length denim.

I don’t know about you but while I can certainly get on board with a cropped denim in the spring and summer and even autumn, I don’t want cold ankles in the winter months. That said, I know most people prefer to wear their skinny denim slightly shorter. I do not like wearing skinny denim at all because #freethecalves. That means I need to find bootcut or flare denim in much longer inseams to avoid the flood look.

Challenge accepted. Below are links to bootcut and flare denim available in 35 inch inseams and longer and skinny denim available in 34 inch inseams and longer.

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