Coral Coat

This outfit was not planned weeks in advance, but I think that is the beauty in stocking one’s closet with neutral staples. We have cashmere! We have denim! We have a tall coat! We have leopard print! We have a pop of color! In the words of Bill Heder’s Stefon, this outfit has everything. 🤭

the coat

This tall coat checks off my outerwear trifecta.

The fabric is boiled wool. There are no poly blends – my personal pet peeve – on this topper. It is frustrating to discover fabric content of a pricey garment, coats included, marketed as wool but actually a poly blend. This happens all too frequently. While I have other wool coats, I do not have one made of boiled wool and it lends an interesting texture to this coat.

It is available in tall range sizing. I do not mess with outerwear with questionable sleeve length or waistline that creeps up towards my bustline. As someone who shops for out wear in the manner that most women chase after shoes or handbags, I will double down on a great fitting coat every time. Life is too short to wear Ill-fitting coats.

Last up in the trifecta is the acid bright shade of coral. On a gray winter-y day, it does the job of perking me up. The hue does go in and out of stock, though at the moment it is not available.

the heels

I purchased these heels at the beginning of my second trimester of pregnancy. My feet started to swell up to the size of canoes and the size that I previously wore, no longer fit. I learned this the hard way, as I wore my cap toe block heels into the office. By the end of the workday, my feet looked like they were stuffed in sausage casings.

Cut to me ordering these block heels in three sizes. Real talk: I kept the largest one, still wear them, and not sure that my feet will ever return to pre-pregnancy size.


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