Daphne Blake-ish

“You just need a Great Dane and a van,” said my husband upon clocking my green cashmere sweater and purple wool skirt ensemble.

the Gap cashmere sweater

I eventually buy pretty much any cashmere sweater that is available in a tall size range. And when said sweater is available in acid bright saturated colors? I splurge on the full price.

Even though this sweater is cropped, because it comes in tall I am able to wear it as intended as the proportions work on a six foot, two inch tall frame. This was only my second time wearing it; admittedly I need to change that. Now that the Pamper Pirate isn’t as messy as he was as an infant, this is my moment.

the J.Crew wool skirt

I own this skirt in three colorways, that is how good it is. Like the cashmere sweater, this skirt is available in tall size range.

While it was referenced as a mini skirt in its item name, the hemline is relatively modest. There is nary a synthetic fiber in the shell, although it has a polyester lining. It feels much more expensive that what I paid for it because I definitely bought it on deep sale.

the J.Crew Daphne coat

This coat is fabulous. I love wearing it with gym clothes as much as I like wearing it with a more considered outfit such as my Daphne Blake ensemble. (See what I did there? Daphne topcoat / Daphne Blake?) As temperatures will hit subzero Fahrenheit soon, my time for wearing the Daphne topcoat this year will concurrently pass. As cozy as the boiled wool coat is, I would not wear it in any temperature colder than 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

While this colorway is from a past season, the new blue colorway from the fall 2022 rollout is phenomenal, and linked below. Just the ideal hue to color a gray winter day. .

sweater: Gap (also on the blog here) • skirt: J.Crew • coat: J.Crew (also on the blog here and here) • shoes: Tory Burch • earrings: J.Crew • sunglasses: Lapima (also here and here)

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