An Offer I Can’t Chartreuse

I lived my best life, just prancing around sunny Almaty in a chartreuse cashmere sweater, demi-boot cropped denim, and a structured Alma bag.

the Louis Vuitton Alma PM handbag

It is no secret that I love the iconic heritage styles from the brand. I will take a pass on a Neverfull in favor of a tried and true style, especially one with more structure. In addition to the Pochette, Sac Plat, Noe, Keepall, and Horizon Suitcase, I had to snap up the Alma PM in Damier Ebene.

I ordered this handbag as a reward to myself after balancing two months with my infant son with work, while my husband was out of town.

the J.Crew demi-boot cropped denim

I have this J.Crew denim cut in white, lavender, and three blue washes. And why? Because this is the best style denim on the market.

I struggle with skinny jeans as I do not like to feel constricted by my clothing, especially around my calves. The demi-boot cropped denim offers freedom that jeggings and other slim cuts just do not. Next to a skirt or a dress, this denim is the only option.

the Stubbs & Wootton loafers

I walked five miles around Almaty, Kazakhstan, through the airport with luggage and a toddler, and on the plane ride home in these Stubbs & Wootton loafers. Five miles is my threshold for wearing the loafers, as one of my pinkie was bloodied, unbeknownst to me. However, these are fantastic shoes to wear for air travel. So easy to kick off and shuffle on going through security.

Use code FRIENDSOFSTACIE for twenty percent off (via Stacie Flinner).

Unfortunately, it is not applicable to sale styles, the Chefanie collection, nor the Happy Hour collection save for the Celebrate and Martini designs. Glass half full: the twenty percent off does apply to the collection, including the non-footwear accessories, Peanuts collection, Monopoly collection, and Horoscope collection.

sweater: Gap • denim: J.Crew • loafers: Stubbs & Wootton • earrings: J.Crew • handbag: Louis Vuitton


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